Technology Has Changed Our Life

When I was 12 years old,I first knew pop music. My classmate gave me a CD which was Joy Chou’s new album.


(Chinese music 2004)

At that time, listening music only had two ways, which was taps or CDs. I still remembered my family had a tape recorder which was really expensive.


(Xianyu 2017)

Nowadays, listening music has been changed a lot. We can use our phone, ipaid or computer. We can easily down loud music from internet. We listen music every where, such as subway, working place, driving. YouTube Music – Jaysn’s Theme

Michael Bull claimed, “Personalised and privatised music gave users a feeling of ‘specialness’ .”INVESTIGATING THE CULTURE OF MOBILE LISTENING: FROM WALKMAN TO IPOD

I cannot agree more! I cannot lack music even one day and I really like to listen music when I was alone. I like to use App which could give me a feeling of specialness!

So, now I would like to talk a  good music App of music which is QQ music.



This App has five categories and it could suitable for any person’s hobby. It can recommend songs with different environment, such as exercising, studying or driving.

Obviously, QQ music does not have these good features at beginning. It is alway changing with people’s demand.

How QQ music change itself? It use bid data! There are 1.4 billions users in this App Is QQ Music Worth $10 Billion?and actually QQ music could analysis their using hobby and  demand to update their App.

For example, more and more user want their looks unique, so QQ music could change it outlook by users. when people do some exercise, many people think music has a energising function, so QQ music now have exercise mode.

Also, now QQ music is not just a platform of listing music but it also a platform which people could share their ideas and feelings of music. Christoph Lutz & Christian Pieter Hoffmann in article “The dark side of online participation: exploring non-, passive and negative participation” said, there are many different participation of users.

屏幕快照 2018-03-18 22.10.28.png

(Christoph Lutz & Christian Pieter Hoffmann 2017)

According to this table, I think I am a positive active participation in QQ music. I like this App and like to add a comment for songs which I like. I always share good songs to my friends and family. On the other hand, I find there are also many negative active participation users in QQ music. They use dirty word to talk some horrible topics.

All in all, technology have make our life better, but also bring some negative impacts.



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